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Anyone can suggest a DD and the dA FAQs below will help you do just that! So, if you find something amazing, suggest away!

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

FYI ;)

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Last Updated 1/24/2013

Attention, Please Read the Rules & TOU.
By downloading and using my stock photos you hereby agree to abide by the rules and terms of use set forth in this journal entry.

All of the images in my gallery, DamselStock, are stock photos, unless otherwise stated! Please do not ask me if you can use a photo in your artwork, that is what they are here for!

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

:bulletred: You must be an active member of dA and not just signing up for the free stock images! I DO check accounts to see if you are only here for free photos.

:bulletred: DO NOT use my stock with images found on Google; this includes images of celebrities. They are copyrighted and by using them you are not only breaking dA's Terms of Use but you are also committing Copyright Infringement. I will ask you to remove your work or have dA do so for me.

:bulletred: DO NOT use my stock with "rendered celebrity" images offered as stock. Those are NOT legitimate stock as the stock provider took the images from copyrighted sources.

:bulletred: AS OF APRIL 28, 2012: I do NOT allow my stock to create giant/tiny art. If you do not understand what this is then I am not talking to you. However, those who are into giant/tiny creation cannot use my stock for their art, it is a personal preference. I do not care for it as many become sexually suggestive. I will ask you to remove your art if you violate this rule.

:bulletred: You must CREDIT me by either adding :devDamselStock: or :iconDamselStock: (Copy & Paste either code)

:bulletred: You must NOTIFY ME by posting a link in the comments section of the photo. You must notify me the same day you post your deviation!

Forgetting to notify me will result in your deviation being placed into my publicly displayed Failure to Notify folder.

:bulletred: Be respectful of the people, places and animals in the stock. Do not under any circumstance create anything religiously, politically or morally degrading.

:bulletred: Do not post your deviations created using my stock under the photography section of dA. Your deviation will be considered a digital photo manipulation, mixed media or a traditional medium art piece. List it as so!

:bulletred: BE CREATIVE! In order to use my stock you must do more than colors/levels/curves changes. Use them in manipulations, as references for traditional medium art, for inspiration, etc...

Do not just paste a horse on my photo, paint a mane/tail and call it art, that is copying and pasting and it is not a true photomanipulation.

:bulletred:Use on RPG/SIM game sites such as ponybox, horsephenomena, howrse or any of the other multitude of similar sites, is no longer allowed. Period! No if's, and's, or but's about it. I make absolutely NO exceptions so do not waste your time to ask me.

:bulletred: You MAY NOT create premade backgrounds, tube and/or extract my object stock and offer it as stock yourself, make signature tags/avatars, nor are you allowed to use any person in a stock photo as your "OC." By using a photo of someone you do not know that would not be an "OC" now would it?

:bulletred: :new: AS OF JANUARY 24, 2013: DO NOT create any art that is sexual in any way, shape or form with my stock! Do NOT use my 10 y/o nephew in ANY art that depicts bondage, being tied up, torture, beating, and extreme violence of any kind. There is a difference between dark artists and people who are psychologically unstable. I will have your work removed and if the piece is offensive enough I WILL file a report with the proper authorities, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. I have filed reports in the past, I'll do it again.

:bulletred:Do NOT use ANY of my stock in conjunction with STIKS-1969 under any circumstances. I have very personal reasons for this. If you do not like this, then please feel free to use another person's stock. It honestly won't hurt my feelings.

:bulletred: dA Print permission is allowed as long as you have created something using my stock. No need to ask.

:bulletred: Commercial use is allowed if you simply notify me of use. By commercial I am referring to web/graphic design that you make a profit from including web designs for paying clients. This, however, excludes SIM/RPG commissions as SIM/RPG usage is no longer allowed with my stock!

:bulletred:Commercial use of child stock must be given permission beforehand. I want to make sure uses are appropriate. Commercial use will probably be granted, but ask first!

:bulletred: Those who ask and receive Commercial Use Permission and who follow my rules more than 3 times will be placed on the Permanent Permissions list for commercial use.

I have a law degree and my photos are 100% copyright protected. I upload each stock photo and artwork I create to an online copyright protection application called MyOWs. If I find anyone violating my rules or infringing my copyrights you will receive a legally binding cease & desist letter.

I am not posting all of these rules to be mean or inhibit your creativity. On the contrary, I post these rules to legally protect you as well as me.

Deviants not allowed to use my stock in any way, shape, or form:

As of 05/18/2011:


As of 10/17/2011:


As of 04/28/2012:

Sizzle-on-horseland/Horesland ID: Sizzle (7356753)

As of 01/24/2013:


As of 08/21/2013

As of 01/21/2014

As of 06/14/2014
:new: mcbain755

If you see any work posted by the above deviants using my stock in works posted to dA after the dates above their ID's listed here, please send the thumbnail to me in a note.

Stamps & Groups

I Support Pixie Stamp by DamselStock
Empire of the Dark edit 2012 by Louis-Cyphre


Nov 23, 2014
5:37 pm
Nov 23, 2014
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Nov 23, 2014
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Just a few prints of work you guys have created with our (mostly model) stock that I'd like to have one day.


DamselStock has started a donation pool!
8,449 / 25,000

Every point donated will go towards my monthly creative challenges.

I'm wanting to be able to donate points to the winners each month so feel free to donate any points you are not saving for yourself.

Buying my Premium Content stock also helps me give prizes to winners of the challenges.


Current :points: Balance: 2,052 as of November 16, 2014

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Casey L. Jones
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

I'm a 32 year old JEWISH digital artist & photomanipulator from Houston, TX.

Be sure to check out my art account, ADamselinDesign! My art is centered around fairytales, fantasy, historical figures, various cultures, paranormal, etc... There is bound to be something you like!

I use stock religiously with the type of art that I create. Because I use stock from so many wonderful, talented & generous deviants I decided to give back to the stock community which has been a G-d send for me. Thus, my stock account began 3 years ago.

If you need to reach me for any reason and do not want to or cannot use dA notes you may email me at

Types of stock you will find in my gallery include, but are not limited to:

:bulletred: landscapes
:bulletred: animals - domestic, farm/ranch, captive (zoo) & wildlife
:bulletred: antiques
:bulletred: furniture
:bulletred: objects
:bulletred: room interiors
:bulletred: exterior buildings
:bulletred: ruins, decay & urban exploration (UrbEx)
:bulletred: cemeteries
:bulletred: model - male, female & child
:bulletred: transparent PNG's & PSD's
:bulletred: Jewish objects
:bulletred: textures

Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G:flagus:Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G

Most of the men in my family have been in the military. I love Marines, Soldiers, Seamen, Airmen and every man/woman in uniform. I support every single member of our troops. I lost a Marine sniper in Iraq a while back, he was a dear friend.

If I find anyone who is disrespectful to the ones who give you your freedom I will call you on it and you shall regret it.

Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G:flagus:Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G

My Mother: :iconsewfulcreations: SewfulCreations
My Nephew: :iconsethmjones: SethMJones

FYI- I block ignorant and unintelligent people very often. If you are blocked from my page it is because you are a f*cktard.

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” - Henry David Thoreau

Stock award by Nameda by Nameda

Winner of the Creative Challenge #1 - Conjoined Pumpkins 

It was very difficult to narrow down the great entries and choose a favorite, but I forced myself to anyway. The winner of the first Creative Challenge is Rachgraceh with Pumpkin Fairies!

Pumpkin Fairies by Rachgraceh


The Watcher's Favorite and the Top Five have been determined by the poll and the results are:

Watcher's Favorite: The Terrible Twosome by Nejija

Top Five (in order): Catgirl by dreamswomanConjoined by HikariToriPumpkin by xLockyAfter Midnight by abelrod666Sometimes I dream... by ASR-KKG

Creative Challenge # 2

I have chosen one of my favorite night time cloud/sky stocks for the second challenge. Seeing as how those of us in the Northern hemisphere are experiencing Autumn I chose one of our Harvest Moon stocks!

I have used this shot in two of my own artworks that you may see here for inspiration, but remember that you may interpret the stock anyway you wish! 

Melancholia by ADamselinDesign Paranormal Book Cover - AVAILABLE by ADamselinDesign

Required Stock

Harvest Moon 6 by DamselStock


:bulletgreen: You must use the required image listed above in your artwork. It must be used so that I may easily distinguish it from the other elements in your artwork. (Obviously this does not apply to Literature but you must describe or mention it so that I know you are referring to my stock.)
:bulletgreen: You can use the free download of the required image, you are not required to purchase the Premium Content version. That is only if you wish to make a book cover and sell it, or the like. 
:bulletgreen: You must state that your piece is for this challenge and include a URL/Thumb code of this journal in your Artist Comments.
:bulletgreen: You may use other stock from my account, or other deviants accounts as long as you follow any Rules or TOU posted. You may NOT use images found through Google Images or any other non-legitimate sources. If you question whether your source is legitimate or not you may ask me via note.
:bulletgreen: You may use premade backgrounds but please note that I prefer you to challenge yourself and will always go with the artist who made their own background in the event that I am tied on who should win.
:bulletgreen: I allow horror/macabre art so feel free to get bloody, however, absolutely no sexual themes will be allowed as some of these challenges will more than likely include my nephew's images.
:bulletgreen: The challenge will run for exactly ONE MONTH and a new challenge will begin immediately on the 1st of the next month so there will be absolutely no extensions. 
:bulletgreen: Any medium will be accepted, YES EVEN LITERATURE! You are more than welcome to enter a poem or short story if the stock inspires you. 
:bulletgreen: You may enter as many times as you wish, but you can only win one prize (either my choice or Watcher's choice.)
:bulletgreen: To enter post the URL or thumb code to your artwork/deviation to this journal. 


:bulletgreen: Challenge runs from November, 2014 thru November 30, 2014 
Due to nature of "monthly challenges" there will be no extensions. There will always be the next challenge if you cannot make this one!


:bulletgreen: My favorite will receive 500 dA points and the Watcher's favorite will receive 250 dA points. The  top 5 favorites after those two will receive 100 dA points. 
:bulletgreen: The Watcher's favorite and top 5 will be determined via the poll system. I expect you guys to be fair and honest. NO ASKING FOR VOTES! If I find out you have asked for votes then you will be disqualified from this challenge. If you do it a second time you will no longer be allowed to enter the monthly challenges. The winners will receive points which cost me money. I will not pay for cheating. You may vote for yourself but if you have multiple accounts please only vote with the account your art is posted on. I know I cannot stop you from cheating but I am trusting you guys to abide by the Honor Code. 
:bulletgreen: I will add more prizes if we end up with more entries than 15 entries.

If you wish to support the monthly challenges in terms of prizes please donate any points you are able or willing  to my Donation Pool on my profile page or by clicking here. I have a feeling this will become more expensive as the challenges grow. I do not want to have to quit the challenges due to not being able to afford giving out prizes.


Harvest Moon Never Alone by Deepak1995
Ninja by talsi-orah
Past Away by 05-A-D-R-I-A-N-A-50
Chill by Mom-EsPeace
Worst friends by abelrod666
The Moon by marphilhearts
Little house in the sky by Elsapret
Love letter @ night by Elsapret
MESSAGE OF HOPE..... by naradjou14

Donate To Our Stock Fund

In order to continue to bring you guys stock and resources we are asking for anyone who can, to help out by making a donation to our stock fund.

Donating helps us buy fabric, props, make-up and gas/petrol for location stock.

By donating you are helping us provide FREE stock for your art!

Donate Via PayPal

The following people have been so generous and have donated to our stock fund! Thank you so much, :heart: you all!

:iconebonyclokk: :iconbigguy0101: :iconn1213: :iconbigunknown: :iconmcuzino: :iconmmsmith1777: :iconseerofendor: :iconmanu79: :iconcassiopeiaart:


Animated GIFs


Drool Worthy

Things From My Childhood

Gothic Graves

A small assortment of my favorite Gothic graves within my gallery.

Large Gothic Angel by DamselStock Gorgeous Gothic Angel by DamselStock Bronze Angel by DamselStock
Stone Angel by DamselStock Stone Angel by DamselStock Bronze Urn by DamselStock
Fountain of Nude Boy by DamselStock Beautiful Angel by DamselStock Stone Angel by DamselStock
Rose Entwined Cross by DamselStock Celtic Cross by DamselStock Father and Mother Elaborate Grave by DamselStock
Pensive Angel by DamselStock Beautiful Angel by DamselStock Angel of Grief 1 by DamselStock Angel of Grief 5 by DamselStock Heart of Stone by DamselStock

Be sure to peruse the remainder of my Cemetery Stock.


If anyone with a gallery, including their favorites, that is full of fetish imagery of any sort, be it feet, vore, bound & gagged, etc… visit my profile and/or add my photos to your disgusting collections I will block your ass. Keep your sexual fantasies away from my 12 year old child, you sick fucks!



Just a little FYI-

If you have found yourself blocked from my page you have done one of the following:

:bulletgreen: You have trolled my page and/or generally acted like a major asshole.

:bulletgreen: You have repeatedly disobeyed my Stock Rules and Terms of Use and are now forbidden to ever use my stock again.

:bulletgreen: You have ignored my warning and proceeded to add my minor/underage child's stock photos to your perverse fetish collections because you are a disgusting pervert!

:bulletgreen: You have added my stock to your favourites but you have an empty deviantART account that is six months or older. The deviantART Stock Galleries are for ACTIVE members of deviantART, we are not your stock shopping center where you download all of our stock and use it on other sites such as those asinine equine and wolf RPG sites.

Stock Photos Suitable for Middle Grade/Young Adult Book Covers

I have many wonderful male child/tween stock photos in my gallery that are suitable for Middle Grade or Young Adult book covers.

Seth is already on a few book covers, so we do allow book covers with a 500 point Premium Content purchase of the image to be used.

Sinister Seth 2 by DamselStockNative American Indian 51 by DamselStockYoung Cowboy by DamselStockChristmas Elf 31 by DamselStockGangster or Mobster Portrait by DamselStockEasy, girl... by DamselStockZombie by DamselStockFaun/Centaur/Satyr/Pan STOCK 15 by DamselStockDavid and Goliath STOCK 75 by DamselStockJack and the Beanstalk STOCK 41 by DamselStockGerman Bavarian Boy Stock 59 by DamselStockLeprechaun Stock 67 by DamselStockDryad Exclusive 6 by DamselStockCabin Boy 4 by DamselStockChillaxin' by DamselStock

These photos are just one image from every series we have done. Look in my gallery for more poses!


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